TES Mods by Mahtawa

A little disclaimer: Stuff shared here are not for commercial use and are shared with permissions or being generally free to redistribute.

I focus on doing Oblivion related mods nowdays so if you are here for skyrim stuff. That does not exist for now. To me, making skyrim crap without 3dsmax is pain in the ass. I already failed with blender to a degree where Seren4X couldn't fix my mesh.. so, yeah.

I was aware of bodyslide since it was released but it does not cut meshes to parts i could use for sky-mashups i could potentially do.  

If you wanna convert shit from this blog then it's fine with me.

God Damn issues again!

I am aware that CM Shae actually seems to look rather stupid than what she should look.

It could be my error or some reported stuff is caused by face swap to player character, then wonder why chin is too wide or something.. In any case, I'll take a look at this when i'm free to have in-depth problem archaeology.


Until then.. Nothing new xD