SirArsty ENB Preset

So.. some people have/had the "beta" but now i will do the public release:

Nexus release maybe soon. Got permission from one guy to officially use his enbprepass.fx


Step uno:

Download .181 (d3d9.dll) - wrapper preferred here:


Optional step: Download ATE ENB


Step DeusEx:

Download my files and if you did ATE step, repleace those with mine.

I'd suggest doing so becuse it somehow fixed little problems i had.

Some options are disabled but if you want, you can enable them with shift+enter to open a window.


Download from 4shared


Download from MF


Install to the obvious place where oblivion.exe is and such.



If you have seen my screens. It's close what it should look in your end. Everyone has different light options so things may differ. Which is why i wont post pictures. I use AllNatural for lights and discovery1's atmospheres versio3 also changes something.


This has in my machine about 5-10 LESS FPS IMPACT than DR ENB (tested)

I dont know how it works with Oblivion Reloaded.


Try and cry in the comments how it might have possibly ruined your game. So back up your old enb if you use it. :)



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