Ignore the other blog posts if you are even reading this. Most of these armors just need very minor things and only need texture redirecting.


Mostly Nailflan Mashup (better name soon(tm) ) //READY BUT WAITING

Wandering Knight (Right->) & ELITE SLAYER (<-Left) //MINOR TWEAKING

Crow Witch //FUR ALPHA ISSUES and requires some "practicality" things.

Charming Swordwielder (latest name) //Ready as male version (wip) and weight issues are dealt with.

Brave Adventurer / Braventurer (name pun) //Re-Release when sleeve clipping is fixed.


Other relevant notes:
ZKEC Sexy Leather may or may not get an update. Just avoid panty shots with this one :P

Piratessa is still WIP due to my Blender having mind of its own.. UV maps!

"Belt Armors" are offline for now. I need to make them look better instead of some FFX Lulu bondage gone wrong with plating there and here.