My graphical settings.

So, i know there are people and 90% of them dont visit this site BUT i will reveal my stuff... Not that.


My oblivion graphics are actually quite not that high.

This is purely scenery-based post.


I have Organic Bark by Discovery1.. perfomance edition i believe since i didnt see much difference.


All Natural framework + Atmospheres by discovery1

Some HD roads


Bettys Spring Overhaul ..No trees.


Katkat's Waterfalls edited by Elbethien


Cambodian Ayelid Ruins (exterior only)


Then i have EnhancedGrass.dll but this does nothing really i think?


Landscape Retex by Lougian


Fort Ruins 


Snus Dungeons (not really a landscape but changes caves to be much more interesting)




I use my SirArtsy enb preset which was based on ATE enb.

There will be "current version" later but whatever people may use is up to them.

I would use Fantasy ENB and stuff of that "mood" but when i install them, my game just goes all ultra bloom and grey for some reason. Oblivion Reloaded still does not work with my system :|


Thanks for reading.


Skyrim: The grass is pretty much only thing that is changed and some rocks. That mostly only has Armor "upgrades" and the rest is pretty much bethesda own HD packs because those seem to be more stable.


(tried spring overhaul and that lagged like hell even tho its more vibrant)

ENB in skyrim is TrueNatural (may not exist) with my own custom tweaks.





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